Interview Preparation

Memorising answers for interviews is a waste of time but learning effective communication techniques is not. Brandon interview courses develop skills for life.

Our process starts by a discussion about the school you are interviewing for. Each school has a slightly different style of interview; familiarity with format removes fear!

Interviews are an opportunity for students to really engage with representatives from their chosen schools. In the last twelve years, we have helped candidates from local and international schools develop the confidence the needed to receive offers from Eton, Radley, CLC, Benenden, Marlborough, Wellington, UWC and a host of other institutions.

Our experienced tutors will work on: helping each student understand their unique skill set, developing answers and engaging critical thinking skills.

For extremely selective schools, Dr Jessica has created a unique, intensive programme which builds the critical thinking skills required to produce thoughtful responses to challenging questions. The course includes a reading list and in-depth discussions of current affairs.

Whether it is a group-based interview at Sevenoaks, a whole day experience at Downe House or a thought-provoking Westminster interview, Brandon can help.



Ace Your Interview (ages 9-11)

Develop your public speaking skills and ace your interview course! Perfect preparation for UK boarding schools, including Eton, Winchester, CLC and Down House. Topics include:

● News article analysis
● Picture analysis
● Group discussion and debate
● One-to-one interview practice
● Talking about you
● In-depth school discussion

For more course details, kindly have a look at our Brandon brochure: