Which school do you want for YOUR child?

Which school do you want for YOUR child?

Eton , Winchester , Wycombe Abbey , CLC …?

How to Get into Top UK Schools.. A Brandon Seminar

For the last twenty years, Dr Jessica has been preparing students for entry to top UK schools including Eton, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and Westminster.
Dr Jessica, who holds an Honorary Norham Fellowship at the University of Oxford , will be sharing her experience and insight during this exclusive Brandon seminar.
We will answer your key questions, including:

  • Is it ever too early to start preparation ?
  • When and how do we choose schools ?
  • How do we prepare for school pre-tests and entrance examinations ?

Date    : 24/11  [ Saturday  ]
Time    : 11:00 – 12:00

Admission Fee  : $ 500 per person
Venue :Bebegarten Education Centre

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