Why choose Brandon Learning Centre?

For over ten years, we have been instrumental in helping Hong Kong students to succeed.

Entry to British Schools

Our record speaks for itself; our students go on to top British schools. By the time they leave us, they will have developed the critical thinking skills that will mean that they adapt and excel immediately.

We start with advice, consultation and education for parents and then work to a tailored programme which will prepare your child for entry to their chosen school.

We know UK schools and Dr Jessica visits boarding schools on a regular basis to ensure that Brandon parents and students have the latest and most appropriate advice and preparation.


Every year, some of our students go on to win academic scholarships at UK schools. We have created our own Elite Scholars’ Course which has proven to be incredibly successful with our students winning scholarships at Winchester and Eton.

Public Speaking

The ability to communicate is fundamental to success. To encourage students to develop their skills, Brandon introduced the English Speaking Board (ESB) curriculum to Hong Kong. We aim to help your children build confidence with spoken English.

Critical Thinking Skills

We believe that students should not be spoonfed but should learn how to question ideas as they learn them. Through this process, they develop a flexibility of thought which will help them succeed in later life.

A balance of tradition and innovation

Our focus is on the process of learning, not just the end results. We make use of every opportunity to inspire our students, and more importantly, make learning part of their lives. We are constantly educating ourselves in new and innovative learning techniques and match these with solid teaching based on years of experience.

Our British teachers use a range of literature to create a programme which challenges but ensures that Every Student Benefits!