Public Speaking, Debate, Communication Skills, Lamda Speech Exams

Public speaking, debate, and Lamda speech exams are areas in which Brandon students excel. Confident public speakers thrive in our communication based world.

Through our specialist programmes, Brandon students learn to develop their confidence, structure their thoughts and develop polished communication skills.

Each public speaking class follows a carefully structured curriculum that incorporates critical thinking skills, current affairs and literature. Students are continuously assessed by our teachers who monitor progress and provide reports on individual development. Younger students learn how to organise their thoughts, broaden their vocabulary and add detail to their presentations which helps in primary interviews. Older students engage in debate and discussion designed to equip them with the skills they need for secondary and UK school interviews. Since 2005, we have been teaching our successful public speaking class at a range of Hong Kong schools including DBSPD, ISF Academy and Queen’s College.

Our Lamda and English Speaking Board assessments let our students work towards external qualifications, recognised by top British schools.

A Range of our Powerful Public Speaking Courses

Speak Up, Speak Out (ages 5 – 7)

Get ready to learn the Super Speaker skills to unlock your superpowers and present your way to victory! Present with confidence, develop vocabulary and have fun speaking up!

Debate (ages 11 – 13+)

How do you convince an audience? An interviewer? Your parents? Learn how to use persuasive techniques, structure an argument, use convincing evidence and present with confidence.

Find Your Voice (ages 8 – 10)

A perfect public speaker always stands out from the crowd. Learn to debate topics such as ‘This house believes that DC is better than Marvel.’ Develop confidence, speak clearly and develop critical thinking skills.

Brandon’s successful public speaking programme has been taught in a number of Hong Kong schools including DBSPD (our fabulous Junior Law Course!), ISF Academy and Queen’s College.

We have trained competitors in large competitions including the AIA Young Entrepreneur programme. A number of our students have won places on the MassMutual Space Camp as a result of their effective speeches.

When Brandon students speak, people listen!

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