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Winchester College

Winchester College – Meet the Registrar at Brandon

Winchester College

This post is part of an occasional series based on meetings with Winchester College registrars.

Brandon had a visit from Mr Andrew Shedden, Registrar of Winchester College this week. Winchester is an extraordinary institution and, for a wonderful month a year over five years, I was blessed to be a part of it.

To summarise some of Mr Shedden’s points:

Who thrives at Winchester?
Academically curious, engaged boys who are willing to think beyond the classroom.

How does the school identify suitable students?
The first stage is the ISEB pre-test. Should your son do well in the pre-test, he will be invited to an interview during which he may be given a verbal, non-verbal and logic test and school reference will be requested.

What is a Winchester interview like?
Unexpected! The purpose of the interview is to try to see what makes the boys ‘tick’.

Wise words?
Boys need to be guided to develop resilience and independence. They should be willing to take risks and to learn how to cope with failure.

We at Brandon share this philosophy: we will all fail at some point in our lives, and it is how we pick ourselves up that makes a difference. There is a school for every child and, wherever your son or daughter goes to, hopefully their early training will lead them on the path to success.

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